Mean people are stupd

I saw the movie “The Interview” last night on Direct TV. I hadn’t meant to: I stumbled across it while channel surfing. I figured I’d spend the $5.99 to watch it.
The main theme of the movie is that people aren’t what they say they are. Eminem is not gay; Rob Lowe is not bald. Kim Jung Un is not a nice man.
The two main characters kept talking about “homey pot” and “honey dick.” I have no idea what they were saying.
If Kim Jung Un had ignored the film, it wouldn’t have any publicity that it’s been getting. As it is, the sturm und dang created by Obama and Sony has lent a cachet of legitimacy that it really doesn’t deserve.
I never saw Sony’s logo in the credits. Are they also Columbia?
So, I’m glad I saw it. I could even pause it while going to the loo.
The writing was slick: a tense film till the very end. No one assassinated Un, he did himself in with his own humanity. Of course, his core nastiness erupted at the end: he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. I forget who said that. Jesus?
So, I got my Nook going again and I’m reading about the making of the Princess Bride by Cary Elwes. I put the Christmas decorations away and successfully re-attached the frame around the license plate. I haven’t felt so tired today although I did have a couple of lie downs. I’ve hyper-extended my neck wich hurts like hell.
Eric the LCSW cancelled again.
So, tonight is the last gathering of the Support Poz group. I’m hurt the way that Porter is dismissing Michael and I in favor of her staff. Keep a stiff upper lip. Stay calm and carry on.


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