Family and money are a bad mix

My Pat fired off an email to my brother Ken, executor of my parents’ estate, demanding some information that Ken said would be forthcoming. To date, Ken has said nothing.
Pat’s note sounded testy. I emailed Pat inquiring about his emotional health and inviting him to visit. So far, no reply.
I then called Joe. He stammered so! He reported that Pat is “fine.” He glossed over the topic of Pat’s break-up with Shelly. He didn’t comment about the fear of Pat’s drinking.
He did say a lot regarding his coaxing Ken to be more forthcoming in his duties of executor. Apparently the two of them have been meeting weekly at a bar to discuss the state of affairs. Joe mentioned that “some things he can’t talk about.”
He never answered the question if Tom and Brenda are paying rent. The accounting of expenses and income for the house are hazy at best.
So, I emphasized my concerns: that the longer Ken holds off on getting us info the more suspicious we become. Supposedly Ken becomes defensive when confronted; and when he does send out an email it is vague and apologetic.
Short of water boarding him, some information is sought:
are Tom and Brenda paying rent? If so, where’s the money going?
Who’s paying the utilities?
When Ken turns 59 1/2 on May 2nd, how will the annuity be explained and distributed?
It may not be too soon (hopefully it’s not too late) to get some legal counsel on this.
When great-grandfather Alphonse Janetta died, there was such a battle over the monies that the heirs got none and the lawyers took it all.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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