So, I’m off to Phoenix

I hesitated telling Scott what I was thinking of doing — going back to Phoenix. He hates it so, he is sour on family — but I finally did so and then, waited, waited for a response. He finally texted me that he had been on  a 10 day AA retreat — very strict observance. We spoke this morning during breakffast and he affirmed my efforts as practical steps in dealing with my ife situation. Hmm, Ekhardt Tolle would say the same thing I think!

So, we chatted: the retreat was strict but not as serious as his annual Zen retreat in New York. We both commiserated about thje “Daily Reflection” yesterday that pointed out that most AAs have persistent narcissism. Per Scott, the Zen retreat is quieter, more focused and less driven by personalities.

I expressed my gratitude for Scott’s support. I didn’t quite know what to say at his suggestion to allow him to rent the place in July. So, I said nothing..

Saw the PT this morning at Kaiser LB. A very friendly corn-fed guy. His slacks were very tight. But he had a wedding ring on. Looking him up later in Goggle there was a reference to a man by his name in Illinois and marrying another Pole-American.

They’ll have big bouncy babies.

So, where do I go from here. I’ve been preeoccuped with this step in my life. I need to sort out stuff to throw, stuff to sell and stuff to tale with me. I hope Tom T is still available as a Realtor.

My stuff here will rattle around in the house on Luke. I was coming out of Super-Mex with take -out and saw a black vynal couce with the sign “free” taped to it. If there’s a sofa on the curb, the sign is redundant.

But one thing at a time.


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