The good byes are under way

While Pat drove, I remembered the placed I’d eaten with Alberto. He was always taking me to  new corner dives hoping that would like it and expecting that I would pay. Pat and I drove to Seal Beach. It’s such a funky arrangement of shops. It’s not memorable.I wished I could have liked it  more. Went out to Bolsa Chica but I was beginning to wear out. Eating at the KFC was not a good idea. I couldn’t finish my tenders

Since we had time to kill before meeting Tom, we sat at the Junipero parking lot and I told stories.We then met briefly with Ken, the owner of Hot Java. He noted that I’ve been a regular customer for 9 years. Amazing! He promised to get me some black currant syrup  Thursday. Great guy!

The encounter with Tom was a bit awkward. I sensed he does not do good-byes very well. He may have been angry and disappointed at my going.I regret that I put him n the middle of Mary and I.

Then it was off to Dr. Rieg at Kaiser.He has very personable bedside manner but he doesn’t keep track of his schedule. Pat noted that the waiting room was empty. Jerry the RN always says “you’re his next patient.” Really? He patiently displayed the finings of he MRI and MRA that they did at Kaiser/Downey, That’s the first time since the stroke on Mar 25 that anyone has told me what went on. He has the skills and know how to display the technology. He urged me to get another MRI in 4 weeks but I’ll be in Phoenix by the. He then gave me a discharge paper and urged me to obtain a “special” order of stribld. I didn’t think that was going to work. And it didn’t. The pharmacy is run on a tight leash. I am not worried.

Then, Steve came over for my farewell massage.We had our usual good time. Most of the kinks were worked out of my back.

So, here I am, dressed in my bathrobe, smelling of Steve’s massage oil. I had word retrieval problems. But, then again, so did he. Ever circles around the great mandela.


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