I didn’t think this through

I’m now living with my brother and his family including their very obnoxious dog. After a herculean effort in packing (I pack as well as a gypsy) and then loading it on trailers, cars etc. Topped off by having my car break down in the alley. With two weary drivers, we then came to Phoenix. I made it as far as Quartzite before I asked Pat’s woman friend to drive the rest of the way.

Meanwhile my house is unsold and my computer is a useless piece of electronic junk. I don’t know what happened to Word and Outlook. I dropped the printer in trying to get it set up. Finally I was told today by Cigna that I need a letter of termination from Kaiser which the initial sales man didn’t tell me. (And the list of grievances goes on:) there was no trainer at the gym today. H was out sick. And the damn dog keeps bothering me to pet. While I’m at it, my borderline hunk in Germany keeps bothering me for money.

Mary said “it’s temporary.” HAH!

It is only Tuesday. I’m not used to living with people.I suppose there’s some residual stuff with the stroke. The accumulation of all these things is a perfect storm of woe and disappointment. There are those who might wonder why I make such a big deal out of everything. I’m certainly not as placid as my brother’s wife. My brother, on the other hand, has his own borderline twist to things. Their children take after their father. I have to remember they are teenagers.

So, I need to plan on more trips out of the house and do follow up with tasks to fix my Medicare problem. Sigh! And their crazy dog keeps annoying me.


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