Swimming in my head part 2

I’m all alone. The family has gone to a funeral in Mesa. Well, I’m not quite alone. Their damn dog is in the back yard barking for any reason. Maybe it’s symbolic of their own interactions with each other, but they never walk the dog or play with him. They just scold him by saying “Fuera” or teach him how to ring some sleigh bells and then ignore him. No wonder he barks. I finally played fetch with him and he’s settled down.

Tom C called. It was great to hear his voice and, as always, he’s chock full of good advice. We both looked at HMO sites for Phoenix on our respective computers. I then took a nap. I’m quite tired today. Was it the gym yesterday? Well, back I go tomorrow with Pete. I hope he dials it down when we start training. Otherwise, he’ll wear me out with his huzzah.

As I walk around the house I’m reminded of how quiet it is and how restless that makes me. Perhaps I even feel some panic. I felt alone in Long Beach, however I had lots of friends and things to do. Here I’m stuck in this bedroom with boxes and I strive to stay active by going out to Starbucks or just driving around. This area of Phoenix seems more of a wasteland than I recall from the past. Trees are gone, houses stand starkly on dried grass lots. Lots of fat boys waddling around in their long shorts.

While at the car wash, I composed an e-mail to Andreas calling everything off. I said “I am annoyed” at his incessant asking for money. All I want from him is his body. I haven’t sent it yet: we’ll see.

Oh Pooh, what is there to do?


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