They’re all borderline — even the dog

I am fascinated by the whirlpool of insanity that is lived out in my brother’s family. Everyone dances in and out to the narcissistic music in their heads. For the  boy, his actions are driven by fear. For the daughter, she is impelled by the desire for approval. God knows what the dog is driven by. He’s chronically restless and his barking in the house while I’m reading is very annoying

It doesn’t help my appraisal that Tom is my least favorite brother. He never gives a direct answer and seems to play his cards close to his chest —  a trait the men of the family all share. Brenda can be a real harpy.

When will it end? Allegedly they are purchasing a new home. Tom is vague on when escrow closes. They have plans to renovate the house before moving in: paint, tile, kitchen counter-tops, even cabinets.All with a ridiculously laughable time line of 2 weeks. Brenda seems to think Dan’s going to do this; Mary thinks otherwise.

So, my routine is simple: breakfast, gym, grande orange refresher, errands, lunch, nap, read, AA meeting. Very civilized. Treats this week: lunch with Harold and Dick; take Chris to the Grand Canyon. I hope I don’t get too winded. But it will get me out of the house. I’ll talk to someone who’s gay .And I’ll leave this circus behind. Oh, I’ll be getting a check from Ken with my share of the estate. Looking st my credit cards bills, I need to pay my bills smartly, It feels like I;m rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Well, tomorrow is business: car repair, medical treatment…….B_R_E_A_T_H_E


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