Tossing in the seas of anger

I came home from AA tonight and met with Brenda and Tom in the kitchen. I asked if they still needed me to pick up the Boy afer school. As usual, they couldn’t answer directly. Ultimately, they said “no, Monday is covered.” It is unclear what the plan is on Tuesday. I curtly said good night.

While reviewing the day in my pre-slumber meditation I realized that I am seething with anger towards them. I am exasperated with their sliding through life dreaming a world that only exists in their head. I want them gone from my house! As soon as I get the title, I’m evicting them. Well, I’d love to evict them (and their pesky dog too) but within the warp and woof of a family, simple solutions usually aren’t done.

In working with the insane, I can’t take their behaviors personally. If they are borderline, I shouldn’t be surprised that they are so wishy washy in dealing with life. They’re completely unreal! Have they picked colors for the new house? I doubt it. If Dan’s not helping them, who will? Are they really going to remodel the kitchen and floors before moving in? They’re so busy with jobs and obnoxious children (to say nothing of a trip to California on the 22nd) that I fear their target date of moving by the middle of June is unrealistic

Meanwhile, I am stuck in this bedroom, my stuff in boxes all over the property and my cat in Anthem.I know it doesn’t do any one any good to be angry — nothing changes — but my mind is locked in a tractor beam as to their pretentious, obtuse narcissistic selves. Including the dog.

God, grant me serenity to accept things I cannot change.


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