June 10th

So, in last night’s emails was one from my realtor in California saying that escrow is delayed until June 10th barring any last minute glitches. That’s what she said before. What can I do? Fume and wait.

Then Brenda sent out an email saying that their escrow closes June 10 th and they’re looking for help  to get the house ready. Step one: scrape pain and remove paneling and take up the floor. Step 2: kitchen cupboards and counter tops. By my reckoning, this will put them here on Luke until July. Not acceptable!

First of all, everyone is working. They’re timetable is most dishonest. Are their brats going to help with this? And what’s with the Dan (hint hint)? She meant of course Dan Tanner. The whole thing strikes me as sleazy. If you’re moving into a house and need work, hire it out. Or do it after you’ve moved in. I fear they have taken root here in the house on Luke and won’t budge. Without paying rent, I may add!

I have another reason to mistrust religious Christians. She’s very pious but very duplicitous.Her kids…. narcissistic teenager and a oppositional defiant disorder. I was startled by his slamming the bedroom door while having a tantrum. I jumped up, pounded on his door and yelled “Quit slamming doors.”

And then there’s the dog. He’s as neurotic as the family he belongs to. They teach him how to ask to go out; then they tell him he can’t. They command him with “Fuera” which is Spanish for outside. Only they just mean for him to be away from the table. They talk to him as though he were human. A very mixed up human at that.

So, what to do? Get out of town is my first thought.I haven’t been to Tucson in many a year.There’s the whole Santa Cruz county area. That has possibility. Going to LA is another option. Hmm. Go from June 11 to the 18.If I avoid altitudes, I’ll be alright.

Well, we’ll see.


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