The Politics of family

Tom always admonishes me not to take everything so personally. True enough, when I release the vice grip of my ego I see a broader picture. I am freed from the bondage of self and can work toward a solution.

No sooner had Brenda’s email gone out to the family when Mary and Dan fired one back that was full of rigorous pragmatic suggestion. They are willing to help with the renovation of the new house and to help speed up their relocation from here to there. In other words, putting aside personalities, they want to help push them along so that I can finally move in here.

Apparently Pat has bought into the effort. Mary suggested I could be a “gofer” with the workers. I was so stuck on the odiousness of the approach of T & B here that I didn’t realize a greater good: get them out of here!

Mary listed several alternatives to T & B’s list of items to do. She noted that the cabinets could be painted.. She marveled that T & B have taken no steps in picking out a laminate. When Mary gets a plan in her head, heaven help the person who gets in her way. She knows so much about everything. Scary!

Skeptic that I am, I don’t think that T & B will respond too favorably. They don’t do well with pressure. I still fear that they’ll be here in July.

And what then? What about having the family over as a gathering spot? I know Pat warned me to let the family know as soon as possible that the house belongs to me; having gatherings is at my discretion. How do I say that without pissing people off?

Ah, the politics of family.


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