Now I can’t sleep

Had dinner tonight with Barb and Kelly. Very up-beat – I laughed heartily as we ate several appetizers. Our wait person mentioned her partner is named Nicolle, Kelly and Barb didn’t bat an eye. I watched over Kelly’s shoulder a man who had full prosthesis on his right harm, his left arm was a useless stump. He had a volunteer who, I presumed. accompanied him in all facets of toiletry.Maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad.

Following yesterday’s abbreviated nuclear stress which was stopped by the excessive pain in my hand followed by nausea, feeling faint, SOB and now, tada, a jittery left leg. Oh, and some loose stools. I tried to go to the meeting last night and had to leave early. I try to do something around the house and have to take a break cause I’m short of breath.

So, how can I have hope for my retirement if I’m chasing after doctors. Symptoms are spouting up like weeds. I jotted down places I’d like to travel to: Alaska, Molokai, New Your City. Pat repeated his interest In going on the Camino Santiago.

In the mean time, I have to become robust!


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