It’s no wonder people get fed up with medical care

After an interminable wait, I found out that the neurology referral made by Medical Assistant Kathy is no longer open. The doctor is no longer seeing patients in private practice. So much for the efficiency of the internet. Typical neurologist, leaves us all hanging.

I was on a prolonged hold at MA Kathy’s phone so I left a message. I have doubts it will go through. I left another message for Nurse Anna at Dr. Monica’s office. I think they promised to get back to me in a year.

I can see why people generally go to the ER. It’s immediate, personal and cuts through the crap. Since I have Medicare, I suppose I could take advantage of that. As a social worker, I feel guilty. Hmm, guilt or efficiency.

I’m surprised more people don’t go terrorist on doctors’ offices. That’s one way to be seen promptly. I”M KIDDING!

I vaclilate between good moments and sluggish ones. It’s as though someone is playing with the switches that control my energy.It’s no fun! I start snarling at cashiers and want to get on the floor and take a nap. I eat like a slob, I drool, and have little control over my extremities. And I can’t spell worth a darn.

I’m glad I could travel when I was younger. Pleasant memories. Now, I continually have to accept the fact that I’m limited. At least for the day.

Good news possibility: Dr. Yassin on Friday agrees to a procedure to open my arteries and to get me back to the living.

Zombies have no fun!


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