This had better be good

As I was taking the garbage out yesterday, I saw Danny and others next door. Danny was skateboarding and being somewhat careless: he shot into the street and was almost hit by a car. No one else seemed to notice. I met Danny’s father, Martin, who waved when he saw me. Seems to be a friendly chap.

I asked to speak to Danny who came  over with a bit of a sheepish expression. “I can explain” he started to say and I remarked “this had better be good.”

So, a story about going to California with his cousins to buy clothes for going back to school. He had left Friday night and returned Sunday. He didn’t look me in the face which I suppose is a sign of showing respect to your elders. In my book, it’s a fabrication. Either way I had Joe do the lawn. Danny seemed to be unfazed about needing money or wanting to earn some.

He’s going to Central High. And I instantly resolved to put an ad in Craig’s list for a mower of lawns. Or, I may ask Joe if Chris can do the job. Joe and I can work on other projects.


So, supposedly Danny has been the prime translator for his parents. He’s also been a big brother to his 6 siblings. There hasn’t been much time for Danny to be Danny. He is ready for his rebellion. Having a gay old man next door is just the tip of the struggle. That and skate boarding into the street. He’s tired of being the good son; time for a little adolescent acting out. Martin is friendly enough, but I bet he is as cranky as the rest of them. He’d get along well with Dad.


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