The ordeal of medical care

Dr. Y told me today that there’s nothing he can do. I nearly wept. He and Mary were both insisting that, when I have sx like these, to go to the hospital as they occur.

I am loathe to do that: I feel helpless, shamed, flawed, and that they are not going to find anything wrong.. I am a lousy patient and a sick fuck. I had to redirect Mary and the doctor by saying :Well, that was then; what about now.? They didn’t have much to say at that point.

We all agreed that Kaiser is really obnoxious about filling the ROI. I smell a lawsuit!

So, a cartid ultrasound is being scheduled. And then what? D.r Y begged off on filling the paperwork for a disabled sticker. Back to Dr. Patterson. Useless man! Iraqui!

He did say two things I agreed with: 1. I seem to have a rolling bout of TIAs/Storkes. 2. Going in with an angiogram given the instability  of my condition makes me more vulnerable for a stroke.

Groan! There is a limbo.


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