Feeling squirrely

Mary and Dan are here soon to work on Ken’s house. Things should get busy when they bring Abby into the house. Blanche does NOT like her despite the fact that Abby was raised with cats. So says Mary.

I’m feeling restless. I was going to volunteer at the Gay and Lesbian center but I saw in the newspaper that Gay Pride is shutting it down due to lack of funding and duplication of services. Bummer. I have an MSW and I’m not doing anything with it. I let my license lapse. I didn’t have the heart to keep it up. Where do I go from here? Even though I have good intentions I don’t have staying power. Yesterday’s heart stress test at the hospital just about did me in for the whole day and that was just for 2 minutes.

My kindle is full. It won’t let me download any more books. I only have about 200 titles on there now. I’m disappointed I can’t load up more. I suppose I’ll have to join something. Amazon and Walmart can go to hell.

Big headlines today screaming that Joe Arpaiao is charged with contempt. I could have told you that. With his big belly and his contemptible attitude toward Latinos he embodies the worst features of Maricopa county. If he and Trump lose this election, I’ll be a very happy person. If not, I’m going to put Blanche in a carrier and drive to Canada. To hell with the house.

Even though I’ve left Facebook, I’m still receiving people’s postings. On my phone, I still get Twitter notices. I’ve done everything I know how and yet I can’t shake these social media. I suppose it’s annoying only if I let it bother me. Otherwise, it festers like a mosquito bite.

I’ve been going to more meetings and to the gym. That’s good news. I’m reaching out to connect with people from the past: Rosita, Doug. But I can empathize with Rajesh on Big Bang Theory: I am lonely. Yeah, the family rallied around me when I first came back to Arizona. But now they’ve all scattered. Mary and I are in touch on Skype. Barb and Kelly come through every other week. My connections with AA are developing slowly. Everyone is either a smoker or has done meth. I’m available to sponsor, but to date I’ve not been approached. Is there a trick to this? Enough for today.


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