Decisions, decisions

The mail brought an unsolicited offer for the house from 202,000 to 235,000 from I checked out their web site: definitely a site for hipsters. The offer is very tempting considering that I am thinking of selling this monstrosity of a beast and moving to more civilized climes — if I can afford to. I talked with my financial man in Seal Beach who seems to have me switched over to a socially responsible fund that will generate more income than I am currently receiving. The current Pax fund is going kaput in February. I’m a cautious investor but I am still generating some revenue responsibly. Environs of Phoenix? Tucson? Canada? The family will be soooooooo disappointed. Not enough to buy the house though.

At last night’s meeting, I learned that the Central office is looking for telephone support on Saturday nights. I drove by the office today and signed up for the Saturday slot. “Sandy” is supposed to get back with me about that. I’m waiting. Coming home, I stopped at “Gifts Anon” to look for a Gay Daily meditation book. They didn’t have the exact one I was looking for so I bought one that fits the wider LBGTQ community. It was edited by a woman-poet. I’ll have to work on my predjudice for that. The shop also had a St. Joseph’s Home seller kit. First one I’ve ever seen. I may go back and buy a couple for Anne and Mary. In the same strip mall, I found a Mary Coyle Ice Cream parlor. I splurged on a banana bowl and had a picture taken with me and the bowl which I texted to Patrick. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. I felt a little buzz when I stood up to leave. I was ready for a nap when I got home.

I need to decide about joining Planet Fitness. I am skeptical about the cost: $1 to start and then $10 monthly with unlimited training and 24/7 hours. It’s a smaller gym than LA Fitness, closer by a couple of blocks to the house — it reminds me of the 4th St. gym in Long Beach that I joined after my heart surgery. If I recall, it went belly up in a couple of years. Still, the cost is very affordable, it’s not as glitzy as LA Fitness and I suppose since it’s smaller that it has lower overhead. I can quit when I want to.

I made a call to Dr. Fishman for an urology appointment. Haven’t heard back after leaving a message. I hate waiting!

Joan E is looking for some folding chairs for Steve’s “surprise” (?) retirement party on Feb 11. I offered 6 to lend. I haven’t told her I don’t want to go. I shudder to think I will ride out to bum-fuck Maricopa county (near Lake Pleasant) with Dan and Mary to celebrate Steve’s retirement. I’ve seen their true colors on Facebook. I feel like I’d be held hostage by radical homophobic Christians who tote guns and support what’s-his-name. No thank you. If they’re uncomfortable with my homosexuality, then they can appreciate my discomfort with their brand of civilization. How do I say, I’m not going.

So, yeah, sell or not sell; waiting for call backs, Planet Fitness or ?, retirement party or ? Oh Pooh, what to do.


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