And so it begins

It’s cold and raining today, the 20th of January. Barack Obama is no longer president of the United States. Social media is rampant with postings of grief and anger. As Han Solo said when the Millenial Falcon approached the Death Star ” I have a bad feeling about this.” Life is passing in a slow motion approach to an accident that is going to be as bad as it promises to be. Yes there are exhortations for civility, unity, to give the new regime a chance — but how can a 70 year old man suddenly change just because he’s taken an oath to uphold the constitution? Does a pathological liar gain points because he promises to be good from now on? We’ve seen this story unfold before: sweet promises are made and just as easily are broken with swift malice. I doubt that congress is much better. The republicans seem to be as hell bent as ISIS in establishing their own version of a christian caliphate.

Tomorrow the women will march in Washington DC and in other metropolises in the country. I fear that their cries will fall on deaf ears. Even the media seems to have become impotent in taking to task  the wayward leaders who have run amok with the rights and opportunities of their constituents. Will there be an upheaval in 2016 and a new breed of leaders elected to take responsibility for the welfare of the country? Obama gave a call for all to become more serious in exercising citizenship. Will there be a swelling tide of concerned citizens to answer the call? I fear it will be a time to take to the barricades.

I suppose the weather isn’t conducive to optimistic thinking. We need the rain. I’m sure California is welcoming the drenching that would seem to end the 6 yr old drought. I heard back from regarding an offer for the house: $188,000 which is below the offer they made in their initial flyer in the mail. I told them I’ll pass at this time. Now’s not a good time to make big decisions. I’ve decided to join Planet Fitness. I can use LA Fitness until my membership expires in April. Then I’ll switch over to PF.  I’m in my usual financial slippery slope position again; hopefully tax season will bale me out again. I do need to get a handle on my spending. Sigh! I was spending like a drunken lord there for a while. Now it’s time to pull myself up by my financial bootstraps and get on an even footing. The promises state that fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us. Yes, the “fear” might leave us but the economic insecurity doesn’t. So it goes.

I’m reading Faust by Goethe. One of those world classics that I should have read in college but didn’t. It’s a morality play that deals with man’s striving and the struggles that one gets involved with when it comes to ambition. I can see how the Nazis found it to be such a bible for their beliefs. I suppose anyone who is amoral and ambitious — an unchecked Adam 1 — would take comfort from Goethe’s wrestling with Mephistophles. What was with his relationship with Schiller? A statue in San Francisco showed them kind of cozy with each other.


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