Civil war

Given the news on NPR and the amount of screed on Facebook, it appears that we are in a state of civil war. How “civil” it is remains to be seen. Protests, flag burnings, petition signings, all challenge me for attention. In truth, I’m sort of a wimp when it comes to actually protesting. The only time I marched was in the early 80s to protest the arrest of those who were working for the sanctuary movement in Phoenix of central american refugees. I even challenged John McCain as to his intentions to support the government of El Salvador.

Now, I hide all the postings on Facebook that deal with issues that attack Trump and highlight the division that exists between his minions and “us”. I’m also reading Orwell’s 1984. It is eerie in its prescience as to today’s current events. I am tempted to give a copy of it to Steve Porter who is now retired and is an ardent supporter of the current administration. I doubt that he’d read it though. Sigh! Acceptance, Daniel, acceptance.

One Facebook posting noted that “this too shall pass.” So too does a kidney stone, but it does pass.

I have not heard one word back from Lutheran Social Services or Central office of AA in response to my offers to assist. Not even a “we’ve got your application and we’ll get back to you.”  Oh how I hate to be ignored. I went on line to explore other options for volunteering. Apparently there is no LGBTQ community center in Phoenix anymore. Everything is centered around the Pride events that are held twice a year. Events that are sponsored by alcohol groups, radio stations and banks. It’s times like this I miss Long Beach. As Gertrude Stein would say, “there is no there, there” in Phoenix. There is no longer a Dignity group (that I know of). The Malta center where Andre worked is long gone. I suppose there is the Lambda center but after what I experienced on Wednesday, I don’t know that I can stomach so much anger and bile. I used to say that Phoenix was ten suburbs in search of a city. That’s truer than I thought.

I passed out flyers for the Simpson Neighborhood association this morning. It was clear and cold but I completed the task with no fatigue. Even ran into a couple of neighbors and had a couple of pleasant conversations. I always dread the task before setting out to do it; but I complete the journey without any drama or trauma. The fear is all in my head in anticipating the worst. Inevitably, it turns out just fine.

So, I am sort of a guerilla protester on Facebook: I “like” some pages, I don’t sign petitions and I delete postings from organizations I don’t recognize. I do maintain contact with The Advocate and LGBTQ Nation. I wait to chat with Mehdi and Ferman. Aside from that, I keep up my voyeur post in the world as it passes by.


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