An (un)civil war

I’ve alluded to this before but now I’d like to focus on what, I think, is our current national malaise: civil war. Given the extensiveness of the divide between those who oppose every utterance (real or imagined) out of the current regime in the White House versus those who applaud and give a hearty rah-rah for every executive order that is issued. According to a passed along tale in the Condit genealogy, there was division between the Rebs and the Yanks even within the family. There is a split among my family members although I feel that I’m a Reb and everyone else is a Yank.

No doubt the vitriol that was hurled at Abraham Lincoln by those in the South was comparable to that which is currently spewed on social media against the current occupant of the white house. Most likely no one in the north had anything good to say about Jefferson Davis in the middle of the 19th century. Well, history is being re-lived in blazing internet speeds. Although there’s a portion of my brain that is thinking “Just because I read it on-line doesn’t make it true” there’s another portion of my brain that laps all the facts up like mother’s milk. While I was in the computer lab this morning at SJW, and looking at the adjectives used on the various job sites extolling the attractiveness of the positions being offered, I thought “These are all lies!” I wonder if SJW isn’t all just an arrangement of smoke-and-mirrors. I still haven’t heard the bell ring announcing that a job has been found. Granted I’m only there 5 hours a week, but still……

Although it is easy to accuse the current regime (you notice I don’t mention his name if I can help it) of being paranoid, that same paranoia falls back on the minorities that feel the sting of his executive orders. The Latinos are all going to be deported; gays will become targets of discrimination again; women will become further marginalized; the poor will lose their stepping stones to advancement; the middle east will stay muddled; the earth will continue to warm and the mega-rich will keep on getting richer. There was an article in last week’s New Yorker which talked about the billionaires and centi-millionaires who are making plans to save their rich asses in fancy condo-bunkers and New Zealand. Never mind that they make more money in one day than all the teachers of the country make in one year, these greedy bastards will take all for themselves and let the rest of us rot in the polluted mess that they helped create. There’s a special place in hell for these folks. They might be able to run, but, in the end, death awaits them like the rest of us.

Perhaps we’re all affected by a national paranoia. Paranoia feeds on hysteria, hysteria is fed by fear. Where is god in all of this? Or rather, where is faith in all this? I shudder to think that the faith of evangelical christians is smug and secure in their belief that their president is doing the will of god, an arrogant, willful, old testament judgmental god. This is a god who is served too by the right wing catholics who seem to be gleeful in their issuing judgments against those who are sinners. Their too-too pious and comes across as arrogant and smug. The pope on The Young Pope is a vicious characterization of the right-wing catholics who have taken over the church and buried Vatican Council II along with Paul VI and John XXIII. I’m surprised that Pope Francis hasn’t met with a sudden demise yet. John Paul I wasn’t so lucky.

So, the whole world is groaning with a tempestuous fever that pits tribes against tribes, sects against sects, families against families. Social media is the new Gettysburg and Bull Run. Those in power in Washington DC are fomenting the rebellion, with their mean-spirited pronouncements and scowling accusations that everyone is against them. It’s worthwhile to recall that with any personality disorder, those who suffer most are the people who are affected by it, not infected by it. So it goes.


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