Erin go bragh

Well, there’s a day for the books. I took my car into the nearby AAA garage for work and then sauntered over to Chris-Town where I treated myself to a mocha grande frappachino and then sat with my kindle outside and read Richard Rohr’s The Divine Dance. I don’t really care for his style, his exuberance, his “trust me on this” statements. Still, sifting through my prejudices I eagerly devoured his observations of the Trinity as dance and flow. Since Nahari shattered my cozy concepts of god, I am eager to re-construct a notion of a Higher Power that I can relate to. Rohr, in his spewing forth of metaphors, serves me well. The Being, the I-am-who-I-am, the Presence, the Incarnation, the Joy — the Silence, the dynamism, the Suffering Victim — are all concepts I can chew on. But, like anything that is alive, in constant flux and flows, it can’t be concretized, it’s not a tame lion, you catch a glimpse of god and then the fog comes back and one is stumbling along thirsting for another view.

That’s a crazy mix of metaphors, but that’s the picture that Rohr seems to depict. I was reading all this while a crazy woman was trying to cadge cigarettes from me and from passers-by. The elderly black woman at the far right of the bench gave her one. Then a man sat down. He was pan-handling too and the woman gave him a cigarette. She then got up from her seat. He then slid over to her spot and lit up. That did it for me. I shut the kindle and got up and walked away. The woman was smoking herself and she said “I didn’t smoke by you because I knew it might bother you.”

To which I said, “Thank you” and I walked back to the garage. I read some more and then the car was ready as promised in the two hour window. I drove home, picked up my mail, and I noticed that the lawn people had come by in my absence. The back yard looked good.

I then sent an email to the movie critic of the Arizona Republic, Bill Goodykoontz who seems to be a very ambitious reporter in reviewing most (if not all the movies) plus writing stories of entertainment and political slants. In my email I noted the omission of the movie Moonlight from the week’s Quick Flicks list for the past two weeks yet it was showing in at least three theaters in Phoenix. I then ventured to opine that it was an anti-gay stance that led them to omit this movie. WELL, he jumped right into the response and it quickly became an ad hominem argument. He thought I was impugning his gay sensitivity.  I was actually marveling at the reticence of Phoenix using the word “gay” in any public forums. He finally revealed that another editor at the paper makes the Quick Flicks list and omitted Moonlight for space reasons. It took me two emails to get that information from him. I was stunned at his thin-skinned reproach to me. He found my remarks to be “offensive.”

I finally sent him an email making amends. All I wanted to know was why Moonlight was omitted from the weekly Quick Flicks. The crack about the gay sensitivity was unnecessary.

I called Dyna-tronics and the tuner will be ready tomorrow. Hopefully Shaun can help me get it up and running.I miss my radio and weekend programs.

I did have a successful bowel movement this morning which allayed my fears of being constipated. Thank god, for small favors.

Erin go bragh!



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