The inmates are running the asylum

And they’re off their medications.

I just read the interview that Time magazine had with the man in the White House. It was an embarrassment to read. The man ranted, raved, spoke half-truths and did everything but foam at the mouth. I was brought to mind of monkeys who fling feces at bystanders at the zoo. It was on a par of that kind of action. I strongly suspect that he is not only suffering dementia but coupled with a narcissistic borderline personalty disorder he winds up coming across as a mean mad man. In his own words, sad, very dangerous.

Meanwhile, the Republicans can’t even agree on the time of day. On the one hand, their attempts to dismantle the Affordable care Act is crumbling into dust among their feuding parties. Given the fractious parties of the GOP, I can’t see them coming up with anything that even resembles an improvement on what already exists. While this craziness goes on, they (somehow) are ignoring the nastiness from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. I think they are using the insanity of the White House to cover their own ineptitude. Meanwhile, the Democrats are conducting guerrilla tactics in the hope of forestalling and crippling the juggernaut of whatever the Republicans are trying to pass. Progress can be measured by how much is NOT being enacted. How much longer can this go on?

I would like to ask my brothers-in-law, my siblings, cousins and friends who voted for these idiots in the last election the following question: so, how’s it working out for you?

I’ve been around for roughly 10 presidents. I’ve never seen anyone as inept as this. I can’t recall a congress as dysfunctional as this one either. It is the perfect storm for disaster as far as governments go. Coming on the heels of 8 years of Barack Obama, the intensity of this insanity is most glaring. I imagine that the division during the civil war was pretty intense and nasty — even before social media — but this sort of sickness makes me sick in my soul. I want someone older, wiser, calmer to assure me that things will turn out ok. It’s at this point that I miss my parents. I’m now the paterfamilias, I’m supposed to be the one who assures people to keep calm and carry on. However, I’m quite discouraged. Everywhere, on Facebook and in my emails, I’m exhorted to sign this or that petition to let people know what I’m for or against. I have so little faith in these countless petitions many of which are also asking for money. Money to do what? I support a number of charities which are doing specific works, works that I believe. Ask me for financial support for something specific: postage, mailings, utilities. But just to say “send money” is a real turn off.

So, I try to keep a low profile. The times I do try to get involved, I somehow get embroiled in a heated argument (witness the recent spate of postings on Neighborhood regarding the condominiums on Missouri) and I have to hide to avoid further shelling. Despite my critical nature, I don’t do well with controversy.


One Response to “The inmates are running the asylum”

  1. topoet Says:

    I’m visiting DC in June – I’m hoping I won’t be hopping over too much monkey feces while I’m there 🙂

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