Dancing to ELO

What a difference a day makes. There was a pledge drive going on my public radio station this morning, so I loaded up my CD player with my favorite hit cds from the past and let er rip. One was the Electric Light Orchestra. I let my arms and feet respond to the beat and I was dancing around the breakfast table. That’s something I haven’t done in a very, very long time. Of course, 24 hours ago, the Republicans shelved their attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the only thing they’ve hated for the past seven and a half years that encapsulated their hatred for Barack Obama. After all the posturing, preening and pontificating, they had to withdraw in defeat. They couldn’t even command a united front among themselves. It’s a sad day when progress is measured in what doesn’t get done.

I guess the defeat that the GOP suffered (along with the POTUS) must have lifted my spirits enough that I was able to be so light and free this morning that I could dance to ELO. I know I felt most discouraged after reading  The New Yorker’s essay about Trump’s Money Man. It heartens me that, despite the billions and millions that people pour into campaigns to pursue their ultra-conservative agendas, the voice of people can be heard. There IS hope after all. So, two bans have been shut down and the defeat of the Affordable Care Act has been thwarted. I hope he has a major stroke on the 8th green at Mar-a-lago in full view of the press this weekend.

I’ve had a busy morning. Despite my parkinsons, I threaded a needle and successfully sewed a button on dad’s old sweater. I polished my shoes and worked a crossword and scramble-word. I’ll save laundry for next week. I called Michael to see how he’s faring with all the Washington hoopla. As usual, he seemed unflappable. The picture of Declan on Facebook, wearing a wookie outfit, with a down turned mouth made me think of dad. That’s the kind of sour face dad would make. Annie stopped by to make up my pill tray and asked about our ethnic past. I keep repeating the same genealogical saga over and over. I’m more inclined to get a DNA reading per Ancestry.com. I’ll have to wait until I get some breathing room in my expenditures. I made reservations for the reunion in May (the clerk kept saying “beautiful” to everything I said”) and I know that there’s a big chunk of change going to Arizona for my state taxes on April 1st. So, I need to lay low  until all that clears.

The paper reported that airfares to Europe this summer are extraordinarily low. That caught my attention. They listed Barcelona as one of the destinations that are on the low fare list. I never made it there on my trip to Spain in 1978. We’ll see. Maybe I could stop in the East coast and see Mehdi and Sydney and then go on from there. Hmm.

Ah, the music has stopped. All 6 cds have played through the music of my adolescence. The house is strangely quiet now. In the background I hear lawn mowers. I can see trees are bending to the wind and clouds are scudding across the sky. It’s spring. It’s the feast of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel said to a virgin girl “Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women. Blessed is the fruit of your womb” And she said “Be it done to me, according to your word.” Or words to that affect.


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