It followed me home

Yesterday, as I went to put up the flag, I spied a white pit bull mix in the yard next door. He just looked at me without expression. I’d never seen him before and I assumed he belonged to one of the houses down the street. Anyway, he didn’t bother me so I put up the flag, brought in the newspaper and went inside.

Later in the day, Joe came in to tell me that a white dog had been sleeping among the garbage cans and, when he went out to his car, the dog came out and jumped in his car  as if going for a ride. Sure enough, same dog, very friendly, male, now wagging his tail eager to make our acquaintance. Actually, he was thirsty and hungry. So, we got him some water, I opened up an can of Blanche’s wet food (which she didn’t eat anyway) and watched the puppy wolf down the chicken-lamb combination without hesitation.

Joe took his picture and I posted a found dog notice on So far, no replies. I’ve notified animal control via their web site and they’ll be coming by this morning, I think. Meanwhile, I’ve coaxed “Rex” (Joe’s name for him, although he looks like Pat the dog I had when I was a kid) into the back yard and went over to Food City and bought a bag of puppy chow. He’s inhaled a bowl of that without a second’s thought. But he’s hovering by the gate next to the garbage cans, despite a grassy back yard he can roam around.

As I was writing this, Animal Control stopped by (I had requested a pick up for a stray dog on their web site this morning) and the officer checked for a microchip. None was found. So,, off Rex went to the shelter on 27th Av. The officer sounded optimistic that someone would adopt him (“he’s a cutey” she said) but I’m not holding out too much hope on that score. He is a put bull after all.

So, I’m a little torn. He was a friendly dog. Despite my dislike for pit bulls in general, he had a winning way. Of course, I’m easy when any one (or any thing) likes me. He would have been a major project. He would definitely be an outside dog. How to get him inside with Blanche would be an impossible task. Blanche rules the house. No question about that.

Meanwhile, I have an open bag of puppy chow. Now what?


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