Better than fiction

So, here’s the scoreboard as it stands now. Ash in Algeria wants me to visit him IN Algeria next February. Rahim continues to protest that his mean old uncle maintains a strict control on the internet usage (because one of his son’s past use of some porn sites) so there’s no visual contact with Rahim in the near or remote future even as he professes his undying and enthusiastic love for me and sees our relationship as the one made in heaven. Really? Nathan, as we speak, is flying back to Istanbul.

I still have a nasty cough. It’s dry, a long wheeze sort of a noise with no hack, hack. I’ve even gotten to the point of nearly gagging on the cough. I didn’t go into St. Joseph the worker today or yesterday since the cough get me awake most of the night. A visit to the doctors this morning seemed to be an exercise in futility. I had to see a nurse practitioner (not MY nurse practitioner) who, I saw on her bio form, graduated from Grand Canyon Univ. She came in, laptop in hand, and typed into it while consulting with me. I came home and have spent most of the afternoon sleeping on the couch. Some of the time Blanche has been with me, keeping a watchful eye on the birds.

I picked up the meds and a Big Mac for lunch. As long as I don’t move, the cough seems to be controlled, even dormant. As soon as I move, though, BAM I start wheezing and coughing like a black lung miner who’s a 2 pack a day smoker.

It’s in the midst of this disease (and the left over haze that the Benadryl has put me in) that I’m dealing with the boys in my life. While driving to the doctors, I felt that the obsession on all of them had been lifted. I think that the preoccupation with my needing to seek medical attention (AGAIN) for this damn cough simply jettisoned the men and the madness from my thinking. I mean, what really matters here? On top of everything, Ruth V has left the latest edition of Neighbors for me to distribute to my neighbors on Luke in time for our association meeting on Tuesday. So, I’m not a truly happy camper at this point.

The good news is that there is nothing I have to do immediately about anything. Well, except for the flyers. Those need to go out this weekend. But as far as Ash, Rahim and Nathan go, I can wait. I’m not making any moves until Ash gives me firm dates he’s going to be on holiday in February. I suppose I’ll respond to Rahim in a generic sort of way. I’ll wait for Nathan to make the next move.

Oh, Anne H started texting me last night and then, abruptly, ended it. No see ya, or good bye, it just stopped. She might be coming out this way in October. She does some serious travelling to see birds. I don’t know that many people who are so passionate about anything. In the “Hotel New Hampshire” John Irving has a character say “in order to get obsessed you have to stay obsessed.” That about sums it up for Anne. Once she has an idea, she won’t let go for love or money. Me? Not so much.

I’m not real hungry but I need to eat something. Too bad I’m out of milk. Tonight would be a good night for some tomato soup.


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