It’s over (I think, maybe…)

I was just sitting down to read my latest New Yorker when the phone pinged. Even though it was 3:00 am his time, Rahim was texting me. He had news about visa to visit me and the costs associated with the two options: one for 6 months, and one for two years. We parried a  bit, but it came down to he expected me to pay the airfare from UAE to LAX which amounted to nearly $2000.

I said no. I’m on a fixed income. I can’t even loan him the money for that amount. Well, rather, I won’t loan him the money for that amount. He protested at one point that he’s a student and that he had mentioned that in an earlier email. That point never was made that I recall. When I asked him how far along in school he was, there was no answer.

A house of cards, built on our conceptions of each other, has come crumbling down. He fancies us to be the dream couple that will fulfill his wish for a happy life ever after. I suspect him to be a spoiled rich (driver? an inheritance to be gained when he weds? he lives in a plush suburb of Abu Dhabi? a profile on Skype with his same email address as a handle “Caribbean prince”) Arab hustler who has a smooth body and a glib tongue. A very dangerous combination that can easily prey on old men like myself. Could I afford the price of a ticket? Probably. I’ve paid up on most of my credit cards. Should I? I think not.

He never brought up the fact that I had planned to go to Turkey. Next week in fact. Was he planning on my paying his way to Istanbul from UAE? I’m glad that point was never reached. It looks likely that he was assuming I would pay his way then. Hah!

I keep telling people: if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. Hard nosed advise to hand out to others; hard to swallow for myself. Damn it! Where’s my sweet, loving young man —  handsome who has eyes only for me — and why do other people get to have such beautiful boy toys and I don’t? I’m truly disappointed. Gack! Feel the pain, suffer the loss.

Bill Luke called this morning to tell me that the urology appointment was actually for next Thursday. I told him that I was busy that day and couldn’t take him. Gads, he is so spacey. He could use a mental status evaluation. How to intervene? Maybe I’ll talk to Jaime about that.

I purchased two tickets for Mamma Mia for tomorrow night with Tom. That should be fun.


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