Their disgust is amusing

I’ve about had it with people on Facebook who express such horror and disgust with the antics of the current inhabitant of the White House. In his campaign for the office, he said he would do terrible things. True to his word, he’s carrying them out. Why are people amazed? What did they think was going to happen?

The worst offenders of all are the media. They poo-poo i in their editorial columns how dastardly he is. Yet, if it weren’t for his antics, they wouldn’t sell much in the way of newspapers. I’m sure the same is true on television. I don’t watch network news, but I’m sure they sup at the same trough as the print media.

Has anyone noticed that there has never been printed a flattering picture of the man? He’s either scowling, making a smug face or looking bored.

He is the nation’s punching bag. He’s the one we love to hate. And those who cluster around him, manic in their devotion to him, cling blindly to his legs like little children howling that they don’t want to face the colorful, messy world that exists beyond their pasty white faces.

Make America great? I don’t think so.

Scott observed that he admires his consistency. You can set your watch by his (by my standards anyway) outrageous proclamations, actions, stances. Whenever I see a posting about him on FB, I quickly hide it. I still believe that the best response to his sickness is to shun him. I give him the least amount of energy I can. I afford more energy to a dead cockroach than I do him. Even his sycophants Pence and Sessions merit my quick glance and a pass. The less attention paid to these idiots, the better.

It seems more productive to stay in touch with local elected officials in congress. They seem to be more attuned and responsive to the wishes of the electorate. Health care, migration, gun control, tax reform — these are in the purview of congress and not the executive branch and his Twitter account.

I mean, really, we’re paying attention to the rantings of an old man playing with his digital device? I suppose we’re the same people who like to text when we’re driving down the freeway, or are bound and determined to cling to assault rifles as our god given right as Americans.

Am I being arrogant? For my sanity’s sake, yes. If I get down in the mud to wrestle with the pig, I’ll only get dirty. The pig loves it and usually wins.



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