Here I am

The muzzien is calling to prayer from the minarets at Tunis’s mosques. Ash is asleep at my side. All my fears, doubts, anxieties, worries have vanished into the Tunisian air: at long last I finally met Ash.

When I first espied him at the airport he seemed shorter than I expected. We greeted each other in a perfunctory manner, the police were everywhere.

When we finally stepped inside the door of our rented flat and secured the door could we then kiss and greet each other with abandon.

Which we continued for the next couple of hours. As tired as I may have been on the flight over, I perked up when I was with him.

Joseph Cambell enjoined us to “follow our bliss.” So I have. As I suspect, Ash is not ready  and willing to leave Algeria. Nor is he ready to come out to his family although he admits he’s not free. His Islamic faith still has him in a quandary.

But Jaime would be pleased to know that he’s quick to pay for most expenses. No kept boy he! He was delighted to get the iPhone 6 I brought him. Im turn, he gave me his chain with his letter and a ring.

He also let me fuck him.  He was tight and it was uncomfortable at first for him, but it was a tremendous gift for the two of us. He’ fucked me twice, I think. Both times have been great.

But it’s the kissing, snuggling and professing our love to each other that makes my soul light up with  a smile. I told him that he makes alive the spirit of God.

Tonight we shopped for some produce and fixed dinner at home. A simple fare: salad, baked potatoes, bread, but we worked together and sat on the floor in the living room enjoying the fruits of our labors of God’s bounty.

Ash wants this to last forever. Already he worries about when I will leave. I keep saying, all we have is now. Enjoy it fully.





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