Oils from Jerusalem

There still has been no answer from Ken about my offer to provide the sacrament of the sick. But there came an extensive email from him this afternoon along with fervid postings on Facebook from siblings regarding naturopathic healing clinics. Ken also wrote that their pastor anointed Barbie with “oils from Jerusalem “ and gave them Bible verses to post around the house.

I have this image that he and family members have all climbed aboard a gaily decorated blimp and have sailed away over the rainbow.

I’m cynical, skeptical, hurt and confused.Has my own pride and arrogance closed my mind to what if the claims of this naturopathic are true.

The clinic hammers home the idea that diet can kill or cure. They lay a heavy trip on sugar’s shoulders. Really? They roundly condemn chemo and radiation treatments, implying that Big Pharma and the medical establishment are in financial kahoots with these treatments.

Their study groups are woefully small. The results apear to be haphazard in reporting. The affiliations that they cite are n their conferences talk about such esoterica that it makes me question who it’s a gathering of: shamans or practitioners.

I get it. They don’t want Barbie to die. They don’t want to have to embrace their mortality. They are afraid of death.  They squirm and struggle against the bonds of helplessness.

What am I to do? I’m helpless too. I’m tied to this tree, watching from the sidelines thinking “guys, I have a bad feeling about this.”


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