Gotta break the cycle of anger

I woke up this morning feeling angry. I suppose some might say I was “grumpy”, but the first thought in my head was that “I’m angry.”

I’d had a lively conversation with Dan Tanner by phone regarding the latest shooting and the brazen response of the Florida legislators and the national congressional leaders to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to any responsible act they could take in regard to the proliferation of assault rifles that are as easy to come by as the common cold.

Dan whined that he wished we could “do something” he bemoaned the lack of bipartisan cooperation in government. “If we could only go back thirty years” he wailed. On one hand he vowed he would protect his property (he has quite an arsenal) and he worried that I was so vulnerable, all alone in this house, unable to defend myself if someone broke in.

While he acknowledged that we both agreed that something should be done, he also pointed out that we were miles apart in how to accomplish that.

The reason I’d called him was to not only pick his brain about a potential toilet problem (if the toilet backs up again, I’ll call Roto-Rooter) but also to ask if membership in the NRA gives one voting privileges. He said it did and sounded surprised that I was thinking of joining. He is a member year-by-year. For $500 one can be a life time member. Oh wow!

My reason for asking is somewhat diabolical. To date, my niece Jessica thinks it’s a cool idea too: we get a bunch of like-minded people to join the NRA. Then, come election time, we either advance our own candidates or we vote against the incumbents. Either way, we can set about fucking up the system from within. It’s hopeless to attack it from outside. Their defense shields are up and are pretty strong. But if we’re on the inside……..

I looked at the on-line application for membership. They don’t seem to ask if I have any guns. I suppose it’s possible to be a member of the NRA and not own any weaponry. That’s pretty whack! My only draw back is to give them money. But, if I can invest a little money to bring them down, perhaps it would be worth it in the long run. I’ll have to start drumming up support for my scheme to have a chance of succeeding. Hopefully Jess is working from her end on this too.

So, I have a cause. The petition to get Achraf here is not a number one issue for me now. In our text exchange today, I told him of the difficulties in coming to see him again (financial, physical strain of another trip, Algeria’s less than welcoming visitor visa process) and he trotted out his argument that he has a slim to none chance of getting a visa to visit the USA (and a somewhat heated discussion over the word “business”). So, either the petition is granted or we’re dead in the water.

On top of that, I had a bureaucratic tussle with Patient Advocate Foundation regarding a Physician Verification Form. In re-reading the letter they sent Feb. 6, it says that they will contact my treating physician. Yet, in talking with the Med Assistant for Dr. Mirescu, they hadn’t received any forms. Hopefully I got this straightened out or I’ll lose coverage on March 8. The cost for Genvoya is over $1,000 a pop. Yowza!

After all that, I went to the gym only to scrape my lower right shin on the sharp edge of a metal power box by the treadmills. Of course, being on blood thinners, I bled like a stuck pig. No band-aid on hand at Planet Fitness would have been adequate in covering the scrape so I just came home and treated it with dad’s first aid kit. Three hours later it’s still bleeding. Maybe I should prop up the leg.

I went on Facebook (something I had not planned on doing) and found that the Arizona legislature refused to address the assault rifle issue and, instead, bemoaned the effect of video games on today’s youth. I composed a pithy email response and sent it to each and every Republican representative saying that if there are any innocent lives shed due to assault rifles in Arizona from this day forward, their blood is on the hands of these law makers.

I’d better watch some comedy before I go to bed. Otherwise, I’ll wake up surly and angry like this morning.


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