Anatomy of an obsession

Ok, it started like this: in a fit of co-dependency, I started looking online for a second car for Joe to use when he’s in town from Texas.

I found a Nissan Sentra via Facebook. The seller spoke Spanish and I thought we had a deal. But, turns he sold it to someone else. My luck perhaps.

But I had taken the bit to my teeth, my head was focused on one thing: gotta get a second car. Manic, probably. I lamely cited the need for a second car so that burglars would wonder if someone was home or not. To those in the know, I said I was buying it for Achraf, when he gets here.

But, the deep dark terrible secret is this: I want a second car.

And I found a one-of-a-kind vehicle that leapt out from its photo and said “take me.”

It’s a red and silver 2003 Subaru Baja AWD, 5speed, loads of extras that, as far as I can tell, is the only one in the Phoenix area.

I test drove it and was thrilled that muscle memory works so well in remembering how to drive with a clutch.

I took out money from an IRA (per Pat’s advice) offered less than what the dealer was asking,  and paid cash after requiring certain fixes to be made. These were done and now I have two vehicles much to the chagrin and bemusement of many.

I can see why men take to lavish money and time on mistresses. The giving makes the men feel so good. So far I’ve bought a locking gas cap, 4 new tires, washed it twice in three weeks and tomorrow plan on getting a new battery. I’ve transferred my ’94 graduation tassel to its mirror and placed a remote control in a cubbyhole. I flitter and flutter over it as I would a newborn or a beloved.

It’s the flittering and fluttering that concerns me.

Of course Achraf was beside himself in joy (amazement) that I purchased a car for him. Not only does he not drive, he may not feel the urgency to learn that I suppose most have.

Well, at least Joe will have a car to use when he comes back in May. Anne’s using the Kia this weekend, birding in southeast Arizona. Still, it would be nice to be free of the obsession.


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