Dear Sierius Dunbar

On Halloween night, 2011, around 8:00 pm, you and a friend assaulted a friend and me as we were walking home from an AA meeting near our homes in Long Beach California. You knocked out some of my friend’s teeth; I wound up in the hospital with sepsis. As a result, I missed my father’s funeral.

The last I saw you, during the trial in April of 2012, you were arrogant and surly. Family members in the courtroom were downright hostile to us. We had to have armed guards  walk us to our cars.

In trolling on the internet, I was shocked to find that you have relocated here to Phoenix, living in the same zip code as I live. Friends told me to get off the internet and to stop scaring myself. My search of your name has revealed that you’ve had several brushes with the law since 2011, usually involving accusations of violence. What baffles me is how you’re able to avoid jail time so regularly.

Anyway, I forgive you. I can’t imagine how life is lived as a black man. No doubt you have anger and rage to burn cities and to tear down buildings. You stomped on my hand holding my iphone with a zeal bordering on madness. The phone kept my hand from breaking; however the abrasion from the sidewalk is what gave me sepsis.  Even now when I look at the back of my left hand and see the dark discoloring, I am reminded of you and your attempt to wrest the phone from me.

I don’t know how much longer you or I have to live. I’m in my late 60s with a variety of health concerns. I could go in an instant. Worse, I could have a debilitating condition that leaves me drooling and comatose for years to come. With your violent history, your chances of checking out increase. It would be the irony of ironies if you were to die a peaceful death in old age.

Be it long or short, I hope my forgiveness can give you some pause, a moment of relief, a second of gratitude.

Be well.


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