So, let’s recap

Today is the 8th of June. So far, I’ve not received a thank you from the niece for the $50 graduation gift. Not heard from Ruben Gallego’s campaign manager about phone work in June. Haven’t heard back from Richie Berg at New Pathways for Youth regarding an interview to be a mentor. And finally, no word about my cancellation refund from Christopher Creek.

The paranoid in me sulks and fumes: somehow I seem to have alienated people to the point that they don’t call back. In the same vein, no one from Dignity calls to ask how I’m doing. If it wasn’t for family members and robocalls, my phone would not be ringing at all.

The niece not sending a thank you note is just annoying. Her cousins are just as bad in the etiquette of sending thank you notes. Anne and Shawn’s darling daughters, A+ students and incredible athletes (and super Christians) don’t know enough to send a thank you note when they receive a graduation or wedding gift. My nephew the Eagle scout, whom I’ve met once several years ago and lives in Maryland, sent a thank you note when I sent a check supporting his Eagle Scout project.

I had been involved with Ruben Gallego’s campaign briefly so far. I knocked on doors one Saturday morning getting signatures to get his name on the ballot. Odd, in Arizona even incumbents need signatures to qualify for ballot inclusion. I then spent several hours one afternoon cross-checking signatures. I was prepared to go in but received a text from “Tony” saying that the cross-checking was done. He’ll contact me in June to help work the phones. “Tony” is a short, compact man with a massive chest. I can’t help but linger in my look at him. But, so far, no text or phone call. Operator is standing by.

I went to an information meeting last Tuesday at New Pathways for Youth. I first heard of them while attending a volunteer meeting at One-n-Ten. The presentation by the New Pathways people made me curious. They mentioned Landmark and I googled it which led me to est. Although the article claimed that they have departed from the radical severity of their first approach in the 80s, I had a suspicious feeling that it has still some form of brainwashing.

I mentioned the connection to Landmark and est during the information meeting with Richie Berg and the other volunteers gathering for the mentor information session last Tuesday. It was just in passing. However, to date, I haven’t been called by New Pathways for an interview. Hmm. Got it.

I called Christopher Creek lodge a week after I sent an email. I was assured by the male person at the other end that the matter of a refund would be handled right then and there. I should see a refund on my statement. That was May 30th. To date, nada.

I am an impatient person. When I get a bee in my bonnet that something should be done NOW, by god it should be done now. Any delay sends me into a spiral of shame, second-guessing, fear, anger — the whole messy soup of dis-ease that I’m a no good person and don’t deserve good things.

Did I mention we (Achraf and I) are still waiting on the petition I sent at the end of November regarding his coming here as my finance? According to Achraf, the time line is now seven months or more, rather than the six months we were led to expect when we filed. On top of everything is the fact that we’re dealing with a north African country and a Moslem petitioner.

So, I need to put mind over matter. I gave the niece the gift not to be thanked but to commend her for graduating. Ruben Gallego’s campaign has enough worries from a democratic challenger who’s a very ambitious tiger lady. Given my hearing limitations of late, perhaps being a mentor is not in the cards for me. I can always call Christopher Creek Lodge again and inquire as to my cancellation. There’s still time.

As Bishop Rausch once said to me “Pacenza.”



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